It seems, of late, that my thoughts have been traveling along the same line quite consistently, that is “THE FOCUS OF THE CHRISTIAN’S LIFE”.

We, as believers, so often get our attention on other things, many of which are good things: however, they are not the BEST things.

We get side-tracked when we focus on:

I. Sinners.

We all know that Christ has called us to be the light of this world. But, our center of attention, if it be on sinners, is OUT OF FOCUS!

 II. Submission.

The life of every Christian should be submitted to the authorities God has placed in our lives. But if submission is the center of our attention, we are OUT OF FOCUS!

 III. Sanctification.

As a Christian, we are to live a life that is separate from this world. Our dress, desires, and dispositions should reflect the image of the one we say lives in our hearts. However, if sanctification is the focus of our lives, then we are OUT OF FOCUS!

 IV. Service.

The Christian life is a life of service to the Lord. Our desire should be to find the will of God for our lives and spend all our days fulfilling that plan. But, if our attention is centered on our area of service, then we are OUT OF FOCUS.

 V. Sacrifice.

One of the greatest testimonies of God’s grace working in a believer’s life is their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of others. A Christian should have no problem “doing without” for the propagation of the gospel message. But, if I am consumed with my life of sacrifice, then I am OUT OF FOCUS!

What, then, should we be focused on?

Him! The Lord! Our Savior!

If we have our attention on anything but Him, we will be utter failures in anything we attempt to do for Him!